23.05.2018 Pillar Point live

Mercoledì 23 Maggio 2018
PILLAR POINT (U.S.A./Polyvinyl Records)

Apertura ore 21.30
Inizio Live ore 22.15
Ingresso Up To You!
Ingresso riservato ai soci Arci
Pillar Point
Pillar Point may be the synth pop single task of Seattle-based musician/songwriter Scott Reitherman. Previously creator and leader from the indie pop music group Toss Me the Statue, he released two albums (2007’s Moonbeams and 2009’s Creaturesque) and an EP (2009’s Purpleface) using the group before announcing in 2013 that he was moving his focus on Pillar Stage. The project’s danceably wistful fresh influx revivalism was found by Polyvinyl, which released its eponymous debut LP in 2014. The follow-up, 2016’s “Marble Mouth” area, was made by “Of Montreal’s” Kevin Barnes and presented guests including drummers Cameron Gardner (BEATEN UP, Gringo Celebrity) and Philip Mayer (Kishi Bashi, David Polish Museum) for an invigorated tempo section.


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